Greenpeace: Destroying Coral Reefs To Save Them

Greenpeace has a long history of claiming to run campaigns dedicated to saving environmental sanctuaries. Yet they are happy to exploit the emotional impact of the destruction of nature to raise funds and recruit members, but less interested in acting to help maintain the earth.

In 2005 Greenpeace’s flagship Rainbow Warrior II ran aground at Tubbatha Reef Marine Park, in the Sulu Sea in the Philippines. Park Officials said almost 1,076 sq ft of precious coral reef had been damaged. The boat had been in the water to allow Greenpeace divers to inspect the reef for damage caused by global warming; they also used the moment to have a photo shoot. What they did not realize is they themselves were damaging the invaluable reefs.
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Greenpeace: Damaging the Fish Industry

Greenpeace is engaged in a scurrilous intimidation campaign against scientists who dare to differ from the climate-alarmist orthodoxy – and who are associated with The Heartland Institute’s efforts to promote their research. That’s a typical intimidation tactic of an organization with a sketchy reputation.

Gavin Gibbons, director of media relations for the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), wants every U.S. supermarket retailer to carefully consider in advance of Greenpeace’s annual “Carting Away the Oceans” report that’s due to be released in the coming weeks.

Gibbons says the annual seafood sustainability “rank and spank” report will again find retailers being asked to provide in-depth answers to more than 50 loaded questions about the sustainability of their seafood procurement programs, including shelf stable tuna.

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