Fakegate vs. Climategate

Below is a collection of links that make proper comparisons of Fakegate to Climategate.


Somewhat Reasonable – Diane Carol Bast

March 2 –  Fakegate versus Climategate


Reason – Steve Greenhut

March 2 – Saving the Earth, One Fraud at a Time


Peter Ferarra – Forbes.com

March 1 – Fakegate: The Obnoxious Fabrication of Global Warming


Canada Free Press – Craig Rucker

March 1 – EPA has lost its way on warming


Quadrant Online – Walter Starck

February 28 – Heartland vs. Climategate


RealClearPolitics – Robert Tracinski

February 23 – Fakegate: Global Warmists Try to Hide Their Decline


Globalwarming.org – Mario Lewis

February 22 – From Climategate to Fakegate

February 21 – Stolen Heartland Documents: DeSmog Blog Keeps Blowing Smoke


National Post – Lorne Gunter

February 22 – Fakegate: The climate scandal that wasn’t