From Prof. William Gray: Homage to The Heartland Institute

William Gray

This long essay is well worth your time to read. It was written, without any encouragement or coaching, by Prof. William Gray, one of the world’s most distinguished and respected hurricane experts. He’s one of the “grand old men” of climate research, a hero and mentor to thousands of students and practicing meteorologists. In his essay he tells the story of how a younger generation of researchers got co-opted by the government grant process and have abandoned objectivity on the climate change issue in exchange for money and publicity.

The essay has many kind things to say about Heartland. I’m going to print out and cherish this essay for a long time, maybe for the rest of my life. This is vindication. I don’t care if the New York Times, Washington Post, or Michael Mann never admit that they were wrong. Bill Gray says we are right, and that’s all I need.

(H/T with thanks to Joe D’Aleo.)

We should all be grateful for the Heartland Institute and for its Nobel Mission to bring enlightenment and truth to the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) question.  The recent illegal acquiring of internal documents from this Chicago based institute helps remind us what a unique and important organization it is.  The Heartland Institute has given a great boost and encouragement to so many of us who have attended any one or up to six of their international climate science meetings that were held in New York, Wash. D.C., and Chicago between 2008-2011.

Before the Heartland meetings and the skeptical AGW internet blog activity I felt rather alone and shunned as a result of my long-time and strongly held views regarding the lack of scientific validity of the AGW hypothesis.  It is surprising that this hypothesis has captured so much government and public support in the US, Canada, Australia and all across Europe.  If ever there was a bubble getting close to bursting, the AGW hypothesis will provide in coming years another good example.  We should expect to see future articles and/or books describing ‘The rise and fall’ of the AGW theory – similar to recent or coming books about Enron and Bernie Madoff, etc.

Heartland’s many reports and articles have given the public a more balanced and realistic assessment of the AGW theory (in my view) than have the overly biased warming pronouncements of the four IPCC reports.  The Heartland meetings have given AGW skeptics such as myself new information and showed us that we have ever so many talented colleagues from all over the globe who share our skeptical views.  The Heartland meetings have given me a stronger belief in my own AGW skepticism and a renewed desire to devote the greater part of my remaining years towards bringing honesty and scientific objectivity to this important global issue.  Too much damage has already been done by those seeking to profit from this overblown and fabricated warming threat.

Until the basic scientific flaws in the AGW theory are recognized and broadly accepted (as they eventually will have to be) it will not be possible for the scientific community and society to put this pernicious and harmful hoax to rest.  The wide acceptance of this theory has had a profound negative influence on the US and the world.  AGW’s basic scientific flaws must be made known as soon as possible so that re-indoctrination of the public as to the fallacy of this hypothesis can go forward.  This will help reduce the current economic, political, and psychological harm which is occurring around the globe due to AGW’s unrealistic warming propaganda and prevent greater harm in future years.

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