Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner Weighs in on Fakegate

by Jim Lakely on April 30, 2012

Ed Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation, penned a great run-down of Fakegate in today’s Washington Times. Mr. Feulner wrote: “Bravo to Heartland for standing up to the bullies.” We thank him for that, and the entire op-ed in the Times. Here’s the lead:

What could be more American than encouraging a robust debate on one of the most controversial issues of the day? The answer – for some on the left, anyway – is: Lie about your opponents, and make a pathetic effort to discredit them.

That, at least, is what an activist named Peter Gleick decided to do in a backward attempt to promote his view that global warming is unquestionably and primarily a man-made phenomenon – one that will cause calamitous changes in the environment.

On Feb. 14, Mr. Gleick sent several documents he had stolen from the Heartland Institute to more than two-dozen fellow activists. He threw in a fake memo for good measure – one that purportedly showed the institute trying to spread misinformation about climate change. This was followed by the gasps of horror from left-leaning pundits.

Why Heartland? Because this free-market nonprofit group has been at the forefront of the climate-change debate. They’ve published books, articles and reports, held conferences and debunked the hysterical claims of the radical environmental movement. Their efforts have earned them the scorn of liberal activists who would rather smear their opponents than debate them.

Consider the title of one of Heartland’s most prominent environmental reports: “Roosters of the Apocalypse: How the Junk Science of Global Warming Nearly Bankrupted the Western World.” No wonder they found themselves in Mr. Gleick’s cross hairs. As the head of the left-leaning Pacific Institute, he apparently couldn’t let any credible challenge go unsabotaged.

Read the rest here.

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1 Carlos June 11, 2012 at 2:30 am

My judgment was blndeid by my frustration with the ongoing efforts — often anonymous, well-funded, and coordinated — to attack climate science and scientists and prevent this debate, . Yes, and this accurately describes the effort of the deniers. ? The AGW crowd was international in scope. Al Gore won an academy award for his now refuted and discredited documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. The Hollywood guilty, filthy rich in their quest to achieve relevance by denigrating the goose that lays their golden eggs, bought right in and jumped on the CO2, greenhouse gas bandwagon along with their clueless admirers in the free press. But this guy, who his fellow travelers labeled the Flat Earth crowd, the Deniers , whines about the anonymous, well-funded opposition? Theirs is not scientific inquiry, it is fear mongering for fame and profit. The predictors of global disaster based on science have in the past and will continue in the future, attempt to create a climate of fear as a means for a small minority of intellectual zealots to exercise control over the majority. What a kick to that mindset to have demonstrated the ability to bring the most powerful, successful nation in the world to its knees. The global warming alarm continues to ring on ever more deaf ears and the entire environmental movement has shouted wolf more than once too often. Give them credit for raising awareness and concern for the environment but their continued exclamations of gloom and doom have perverted and weakened their originally important and worthwhile purpose and is weakening America.

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